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David Allen Marcs\' new hobby. Two versions of Treebeard. The one on the right is very, very, rare. Bimbilly, Devil Tree, and Teddy Tree Devil Tree, 1976
Sep 29th 2014
Location of the Matchless Grove Matchless Bear, GM-9, 1986 Thank you Marion Douglas. Matchless Grove Dragons
Nov 15th 2013
Dragon of the Moor and Dragon of the East Early wax figure by Jason Christoble Early wax figure by Jason Christoble Matchless green and red dragons, 1979 Matchless 1984 Owl Nera OW-1 Signed Christoble 1876
Jun 16th 2013
Father Forest 1980, FX20 / Father Time 1980, FX25 / and Father Christmas 1975, FX16. Becky\'s collection 7 of 7 Becky\'s collection 6 0f 7 Becky\'s collection 5 of 7 Becky\'s collection 4 of 7 Becky\'s collection 3 of 7 Becky\'s collection 2 of 7 Becky\'s collection 1 0f 7 Matchless Grove
May 2nd 2013
May 2nd 2013
1986 version of Jason Christoble\'s Warlock, 1970. By Matchless Gifts. Christoble ashtray fashioned after disliked grammer school teacher. Matchless Grove catalog 1980 Signed Christoble, 1975
Nov 18th 2012
Matchless Grove Old World Saint Nick MGS-3 1984 By C. Furio Different Castle Keeps.
Sep 25th 2012
Various Castle Keeps.
Sep 25th 2012
Matchless Grove castle, SC-4, 1979 I found this! Anyone want it?
Added by kgill12
Sep 3rd 2012
argeia un-lit
Added by dick tracy
Sep 2nd 2012
argeia lit-up
Added by dick tracy
Sep 2nd 2012
Perfect 1975, Christoble signed Pipe Tree 1975 Pipe Tree, side view Good example of Jason\'s humor if you can read the top of the book. Matchless Springhorn Wizard S-3 1981 Matchless  Cat   1986 Le Chat CF-4 Matchless Grove Cat   1986 Le Chat CF-4 Matchless 1986 WS Sage S14 Signed Jason Christoble Ball Dragon JC-81 Matchless 1984 Owl Nera OW-1 Matchless Owl  1984 OW-3 Sophocles Same castle but different. Puff the Magic Dragon SC-6G Matchless Castles
Jun 15th 2012
Matchless Grove,1980, Feetz-Morris. Matchless 1984 Billy Bob Briar BB-8

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